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new ways for you to SHARE nature’s gifts


Welcome to Wrightpix Photo Gifts

Based in Westborough, Massachusetts


wrightpix photo gifts features a wide variety of nature-inspired photo gifts. We are a mother-daughter duo that captures the world around us, then turns those images into artful pieces designed to inspire.


"We want you to see what we saw. More importantly, we want you to feel what we felt."


The perfect Gifts for Nature Lovers


Coasters, note cards and ornaments are some of our best-selling items and are available online. Lots of picturesque New England (and beyond!) photos. You can also buy photo, canvas, metal, or framed prints through our Shop page. And, we offer many other gift items through direct sales, shows, and select gift boutiques.

We’re here to help you take gift giving to a whole new level.


BEHIND THE LENS: the wrightpix story

For years, people have been telling me I should do something with my photography. I’ve probably spent more time behind the lens than anywhere else. There’s something special about capturing moments and memories that takes me to my happy place. And now that my daughter has caught the bug, I’m thrilled that together, we can share our love of nature through wrightpix photo gifts.


We put lots of love into each photo and gift item. Thank you for supporting our business!